All my treatments are undertaken using high quality traditional medicated oils (Thailams) imported directly from Kottakal, Kerala, India

AGASTYA Full Body Massage 1hr30 – 2Hr 70€-90 (The Massage of the Maharishis)

This is the oldest traditional massage using healing touch and is named after one of the main Maharishis Agastya one of the most revered rishis in vedic texts. This is not a widely given massage as it is only taught by certain traditional families of ayurveda.

The touch sensations are different all over the body giving the organs and nerves new sensations which keeps the mind focussed and centralised. The active nerves create a protective secretion and these enzymes flow with each new type of touch. The touch methods have been developed over 1000´s of years back to the times of Agastya Maharishi. This massage spiritually washes the whole body and is described as the most «delicious » massage.

Medicated traditional oils are specially selected to treat particular areas or injuries and special face and hair oils are then used separately for these areas.

Balances all three Doshas and is a highly rejuvenating and complete tonification massage.Creates emotional balance and can help clean out old held on emotions. Helps with sleeplessness and depression. Gives instant pain relief. Anti-oxydent and detoxifying massage. Increases happiness and harmony releasing oxytocin and  increasing serotonin flow.

SHIRO ABHYANGA  (Head Massage) 40 minutes 35

(With Nasya – Prana Tract Cleaning 50€)

This holistic massage of the head uses oils particularly beneficial for the hair and the face. Hair oils will strengthen the hair roots and improve their condition by giving them a shiny and healthy appearance. This massage is very relaxing and nourishing and includes a gentle massage of the face, upper shoulders and neck and a stimulation of the marma.


Back, shoulder and leg massage to relieve general fatigue and muscle pain incorporating mama points.


A complete detoxification massage for the body with the aide of traditionally medicated oils (Thailams). Abhyanga as well as being a relaxing massage is also a therapeutic procedure used in a number of the Ayurvedic  Panchakarma treatments. The medicated oils are used to increase the therapeutic affect on the body. One of the principal advantages of this massage is the stimulation of the lymphatic system which is essential in the removal of our body’s toxins.

PAD ABHYANGA (Indian Reflexology) Massage 45 mins 40

Reflexology stimulates the reflex nerves sending a fast message direct to related organs bypassing the brain. Feet are a very important part of our body, as many nerves from many organs terminate in the there so this massage helps to strengthen these nerves and restores health to many parts of the body. The marma (vital) points are massaged which gives balance to your doshas and is very helpful for people with insomnia, fatigue and cramps.


 Marma points are intersections for our vital life force energy flow called prana, through which the energies of the physical body, the subtle body and the casual body flow. 

This is a massage of these 107 pressure points using finger and elbow pressure. This massage will improve circulation, cure muscular pain, nerve pain, stress, promotes better sleep, releases blocked energy to help prevent disease, aids lymph drainage, helps with digestive disorders, gas, rashes and allergies and is an immune booster. It can also help with emotional imbalances and is an excellent diagnositc tool. Marma point massage balances all the doshas.

PodoiKizhi Massage 1hr  80

In the this massage specific herbs are contained in a cloth bolus and heated in medicated  oils.  These bolus are then placed strategically on different parts of the body with different levels of pressure  concentrating on areas of pain and on the marma points, this is then followed by an Abyhanga massage.

The benefits of this massage are muscle and joint detoxification, pain relief in case of fibromyalgia and chronic muscle disease, deep circulation of the lymphatic system, muscle protection (regenerates damaged muscle fibre), helps the circulation of oxygen and reaches and benefits internal smooth muscles.


Yogic massage was developed by the yogi rishis to help achieve the full potential of the asanas they could not fully achieve on their own and therefore give them the full benefit of the system.

Yogic massage is a Vata energy massage and passively gives full yoga movement.

It balances all three doshas and regulates Vata function in all doshas. It detoxifies the muscles and gives instant relief to muscle pain. Stabilises the skeletal form (Kapha) therefore emotionally building confidence as well as developing skeletal balance and strength. Strengthens  Root Chakra. Improves muscle and bone flexibility, increases spiritual awareness through achieving full asanas


Shirodhara is a complete holistic therapy, both emotionally and physically. It increases the function of the pituitary gland and the pineal gland. Balances all the chakras. Most effective treatment of the Vata system (pacification of the nervous system). Complete hormonal balance helping the prostate, relieving menstruation problems, increases oxytocin). Can help heal insomnia. Help in case of depression and stress. Neurofunctional disorders such as ADHD. Epilepsy, early Parkinson’s disease, memory disorders, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, sensory relaxation thus improve sensory function. Nourishes and regenerates the nervous system by slowing the damage to brain cells. A totally holistic healing support.

NASYA – Cleaning of Prana – 30 mins 35

According to Ayurveda, the sinus cavity is the gateway to our consciousness, the prana vayu and the nervous system. Nasya is one of five main cleansing treatments for Panchakarma, the traditional Ayurvedic detoxification program.

AGASTYA Full Body Massage (Shortened version) and SHIRODHARA – 2 Hrs 120€

This therapy is a combination of the two of the most ancient and relaxing Ayurvedic therapies. One hour body massage using techniques to place you in space of complete relaxation before discovering the powerful “body melting” affects of Shirodhara allowing your body and mind to fully let go. This therapy will plunge you deeply into a meditative and relaxed state of lind nourishing and regenerating your nervous system and taking you into a deep sensory relaxed state.

KATHI VASTHI- 50 (For Lower back problems)

The retention of warm, thick medicinal oil on the lower back or other parts of the spine for a specific period of time along with a massage of this area.


Massages and hot oils on the 3rd Eye Chakra and Heart Chakra – balances the emotions and detoxification of cardiovascular system.

GREEVA VASTHI 50€ (Pain between shoulder blades and scapula)

Will help relieve dizziness, stress and tension on the cervical area and shoulders. Helps solve the problems of insecurity and communication disorders of Throat Chakra, headaches and migraines.


Will help relieve knee pain. This treatment helps strengthen the joints and muscles of the knee.